I came across this video on Youtube. The instructor’s name is TANYA BEARDSLEY. Tanya is awesome!!! She is a Master Trainer for Zumba. I contacted her yesterday and I was happy to learn that she recently moved to New York City from Florida to spread Zumba in the Tri-state area.

Tanya is setting up several Master Classes as well as a few permanent classes. She also informed me that she is holding a workshop for my gym, NY Sports Club in April. Classes should be popping up at my gym soon. Looking forward to it!

Zumba is the hottest new cardio dance craze that combines latin rhythms with cardiovascular exercise that is easy to follow and very addicting.
See for yourself!


Anonymous said...

Wow! The music it great!
Any idea where I can find that music?
She has such great energy!

MP said...

OK..that acutally looks fun. Man I need to get back to counting points and excersising.

Lucy said...

Tanya is who taught at my workshop!
she is amazing! I think from just scanning your blog... you would LOVE to go to a workshop! :))

Gina said...

Well I'm 7 months pregnant right now so I don't think I can attend. But who knows in the future! Actually two of my closest friends attended her workshop, loved it, and are now teaching! Thanks for leaving a comment!!!