Zumba Addiction

I have not posted in a while because I was waiting for Zumba to come to my gym. I have taken several Zumba classes by different instructors and have learned that not all Zumba classes are alike. Some use more dance, while others have more of an aerobic vibe. Personally, I prefer Zumba classes with more dance, and with mostly latin music.
I really love Kim, from Gold's gym in Howell. I think she is amazing and has a lot of great energy to get the class going. She has a huge following, and has even done private Zumba parties in homes. I tend to compare every other Zumba instructor to her, and no one quite measures up. She has said not to give up, keep taking the classes and try different instructors so I am on a quest to find a Zumba teacher with the energy, moves and music equivalent to Kim's since I live in Long Island.
Zumba has finally made it to NYSC so I will be taking the classes there.